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About Bliss Yoga

Dedicated to Wellbeing

With over 25 years practice and 16 Years teaching experience Jessica is passionate about offering individuals the tools to enable healing through awareness to the mind and body. She guides you through a wonderful gentle nurturing Yoga practice helping create peace, calm and focus of the mind, creating strength and flexibility in the body.  Classes include attention to breathing, postural alignment, relaxation and meditation. Classes suitable for all levels.Beginners welcome 


Jessica also offers healing sounds gong baths, a wonderfully relaxing, meditative and healing experience.

Jessica teaches a gentle flowing style of Yoga and has completed teacher training in:

 ISHTA style yoga: A style of Yoga for the individual that includes breath work (pranayama) and relaxation (savasana).  A great way to ease out physical and emotional tensions in the body and mind helping you feel refreshed and restored.  ISHTA means individual and this Yoga practice is very much about adapting the postures to your individual self. ISHTA is an acronym for the Integrated Science of Hatha (physical practice) Tantra (yogic philosophy) and Ayurveda (Indian science of healing).
ISHTA is a style of yoga that is flowing and safe for all ages and abilities.

Jessica  is also influenced by Anusara teachings and completed her immersion in 2014.

Jessica completed her Pregnancy Yoga teacher training in March 2009 with Triyoga, London and her Baby Yoga teacher training in September 2009 with Camyoga, Cambridge. In 2015 Jessica completed her Rainbow Kids Yoga in London. 

In February 2022, Jessica completed her Sound Healing Diploma


  Jessica is an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) and insured with Yoga Alliance UK.  


Facts about Yoga

The Journey To Myself

Strengthen, Stretch, Tone, Relax and Cleanse


Yoga lengthens and strengthens the muscles in the body, bringing greater flexibility, vitality and strength. Practicing Yoga also massages internal organs enabling the body to detoxify.



Reducing Stress


Yoga nourishes and calms the nervous system and teaches you to unwind using Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation (stilling the mind) enabling relaxation and peace.A regular practice improves concentration and strengthens the immune system.



Yoga Benefits


  • Revitalise Physically and Mentally

  • Reduce Stress and Relax

  • Detoxify Internal Organs

  • Increases Muscle Tone and Strength

  • Improves Concentration

  • Increases Immune System

  • Reduces Insomnia

  • Increases Flexibility

  • Improved Posture

  • Self Confidence

  • Inner Peace and True Happiness



Yoga and Meditation will improve your Health and Quality of Life!

Things you need to know

Clothing should be loose and comfortable to allow easy movement of the body.  In the cooler months have socks and a jumper on hand for the relaxation to keep warm.


Equipment is generally supplied.  However please feel free to bring your own mat or props.


Avoid Eating 1-2 hours before Yoga class. A full abdomen will make you feel uncomfortable and tired.


Avoid Comparing yourself to anyone else.  Yoga is non-competitive.  Focus within yourself.  


Allow yourself to Relax.  Relaxation is a necessity not a luxury, especially if we have a busy or stressful life.


Concentrate on your Breathing in each of the Yoga postures.  Your breath will help keep the mind focused and allow your body to relax.


Be aware of your own abilities and and notice the sensations in your body.  We aware of tension or discomfort, never over do a stretch or extend too far in a posture. The Emphasis is on 'letting go' rather than pushing the body through borders of pain.


Rest when you need to! Use resting time to reflect and absorb your Yoga experience.


Notify the Yoga instructor if you are injured or have any problems that may affect your practice.  Feel free to discuss any aspect of Yoga or any problems you might be having either before or after the class.


Enjoy your experience




Yoga Words


Asana - Yoga posture 


Pranayama - Breathing practices aimed and focusing  and balancing the mind and drawing your awareness within.


Meditation - Sitting comfortably in any position with straight spine,relaxed arms shoulders face and abdomen.  Allowing the body to become peaceful and still.  Relaxing the mind by focusing on your breath. A guided meditation is where the Yoga Instructor talks you through a meditation technique. 


Yoga Nidra -   A deep relaxation technique that provides profound physical and mental relaxation. The ability to deeply relax increases ones sense of inner peace and calm.

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